How is the fare calculated?
The metered fare rate is determined by the City of Toronto. The meter is based on distance and time.
  • For the first 143 meters: $4.25
  • For each additional 143 meter of part thereof: $.25
  • For each 29 seconds of waiting time: $.25
Can I get a flat rate to the airport or out of town?
To obtain a flat rate quote from your pick up location in Toronto to the Pearson Airport or for an out of town flat rate please phone our call centre at 416-366-6868. Alternately, you may wish to use our fare estimator on our web site.
Does Diamond Taxi have corporate accounts?
Get a Diamond Charge account to suit your needs. We offer corporate, government and insurance charge accounts. Please e-mail your request to accounts@diamondtaxi.ca to process your application.
Does Diamond Taxi have Gift Certificates?
For a unique gift idea, please consider taxi gift certificates or a pre loaded gift card. The gift certificates or gift cards are available for events, holiday parties and more. Another way we can help to get your guests and family home safely.
How can I give feedback to Diamond Taxi?
Please send an email to accounts@diamondtaxi.ca so we may address your concerns or call our head office at 416-366-9713.
Do you take advance reservations?
Yes, let our customer service representative know or use our mobile or web advance reservation feature. We reserve the right to black out peak customer demand times or in extreme weather conditions when we cannot guarantee a timely pick up.
Do you have a Lost and Found?
We maintain computer trip records to process lost and found claims for calls that come through our call centre or the Diamond Taxi mobile app or website order. If you hailed the taxi please contact our call centre 4167-366-6868 or by e-mail to accounts@diamondtaxi.ca with the trip details.

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